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The Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan Cooperative (KBQB) has around 8000 members in villages throughout Bener Meriah and Ache Tengah around Lake Tawar. Members of the Cooperative are organised at village level into around 123 groups who then sell to approximately 100 elected coffee collectors. Over 90% of the collectors are themselves farmers.

The structure of the Cooperative is such that each group of farmers elects a representative to the annual meeting, the representatives are not necessarily the same person as the elected collector. There are significant advantages and gains to be had by farmers when they are part of the Cooperative, these include education and assistance with land rehabilitation projects, as well financial support.

This Grade 1 Organic coffee is of the Typica variety and has been processed using the traditional wet hull method. We’ve roasted it around 2 mins past first crack and we are finding it’s got a great heavy body, sticky sweet with notes of leather and spice and delicate lemon and lime acidity. Very tasty across all brew methods but definitely try it black.

Region: Ache Tengah

Variety: Typica

MASL: 915

Crop Year: 2022

Process: Traditional Wet Hulling Process

Brew Guides & Tasting Notes


We are getting great results with 20.5 grams DOSE / 40 grams YIELD in around 28-30 seconds. We are tasting red apple, lemon & spice


Try 21.0 grams DOSE / 40 grams YIELD in around 28-30 second. On full cream Norco CAPO milk we are tasting apple crumble and spice











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