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The Tungei Selection Plantation standard is harvested in the Wahgi Valley region, in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The
Wahgi Valley is home to the Tungei tribe, originally formed from six original clans – Komnemb, Ekiemb, Kenjpi-emb, Akamb, Eska, and
Kupaka. The Tungei are credited with the discovery of stone axe quarries, from which they became famous for their manufacture of a
stone axe called kunjin. The stone axes were widely traded in central New Guinea and attained a high-value until 1933 when production
all but ceased following a sharp decline in demand. This decline was predominately due to the introduction and widespread circulation
of pearl shells.
Today the Tungei depend on subsistence agriculture as a livelihood; raising pigs and growing sweet potatoes, corn, sugarcane,
bananas and a great variety of green-leafed vegetables. Their land is ideally suited to coffee-growing, with altitudes ranging from
1400-2200 MASL. Many families have re-located their homes from more traditional sites at higher altitude in side valleys, to the floor of
the Wahgi Valley, at about 1600 MASL. This is where coffee production is considerably easier and where the Highlands Highway allows people
to come and go by bus and truck

We are cupping juicy berry with hints of cherry, caramel and cocoa. This is one of our favourites!

Varietal: Arusha, Bourbon & Typica

Region: Wahgi Valley (Western Highlands)

Crop Year: 2021-22

MASL: 1400 – 2200

Process: Hand picked, fully washed, sun dried

Cupping Score: 83.5


3Kg now available at a discounted price (Only available as whole bean or plunger grind)

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