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Coffee is grown in 15 out of the 19 provinces in Papua New Guinea. These are predominantly the Highland provinces, and they are characterised by smallholder farms as opposed to large plantations. The common term for this form of agriculture is PSC or Premium Smallholder Coffee. The independent PSC farms typically handpick, depulp, ferment, wash and sun dry on site, before making their way (with their coffee) to areas such as Goroka where the coffee is dry milled and readied for export.

Although the terrain and lifestyle is challenging, there is no denying the part that altitude, rainfall and fertile soil plays in making this an exceptional coffee growing region.

Varietal: Aruca, Blue Mountain, Typica and Bourbon

Region: Eastern and Western Highlands

Crop Year: 2022

MASL: 1400 – 2200

Process: Hand picked, fully washed, sun dried

Recommended brew ratios:
20 gram dose / 40 yield in 27 seconds

Espresso – Grapefruit, roasted almonds, burnt sugar & syrupy mouthfeel
Milk based – Brown sugar, roasted almonds & cacao butter

21 gram dose / 40 gram yield in 28 seconds
Espresso – Grapefruit, roasted almonds, burnt sugar, creamy mouthfeel, slight bitter notes
Milk based – Raw sugar, raw cashew, spice notes

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