Nicaragua Jinotega (Blueberry Candy)

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The La Bastilla Estate pride themselves on being one of the few specialty coffee estate companies in Nicaragua with a fully integrated supply chain segment at origin,
this means they plant, produce, harvest, process, classify and market/export all of their green coffee beans globally. The fully integrated wet and dry
processing plant allows them to differentiate the coffees harvested from different farm sections or different varieties with 4 different
processes. These lots then await “orders” for hulling/grading and export. Each season La Bastilla produces approximately 350 micro-lots.
The four processes used on the farm are:
Fully Washed – traditional processing. dried at 45 degrees C.
Honey processed – Specially selected lots harvested mid crop are dried with the mucilage still attached to the parchment skin.
Yeast Fermentation -Using specialty yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) made by Lallemand for fermentation in a controlled environment (bins)
which give the coffee an additional layer of tropical fruit and floral aromas. These special, washed lots have tropical-fruit-like (pineapple) tastes and are called “Pineapple Candy”.
Natural processed – Selective hand picking of very ripe sections of the farm are processed as Naturals. A long slow drying process occurs in two stages. The details of this process are a “trade secret” and are called “Blueberry Candy”.

Region: Jinotega

Variety: Hybrid H3 & Caturra

MASL: 1100 – 1450

Crop Year: 2020

Process: Natural

Notes:  Blueberry and citrus upfront with a clean and defined body. Nutty caramel notes with a milk chocolate finish. We think this coffee is best served black.










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