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Guatemala El Guatalon SHB

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El Guatalon is located in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. The farm is currently under the supervision of Guillermo Juarez whose paternal Grandfather established the first commercial coffee plantations in this region in the early 1920’s. The farms has traditionally only grown varieties such as Typica and Mundo Nova, but now has expanded to other varieties such as Catuai and Pacas.

This particular variety of coffee (Pacas), is a natural mutation of the more common Bourbon and is known for being productive and hardy as a plant, as well as having good cup qualities.

We are cupping stone fruit, orange, hazelnut, caramel and a lovely syrupy sweetness.

Region: Santa Rosa

Variety: Pacas

Crop Year: 2017/18

MASL: 1600

Process: Hand picked, fully washed and sun dried

Cupping Score: 87.25








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