El Salvador Finca El Mercurio Lot 204A

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Every now and then an opportunity comes by to get hold of some really great coffee and this is one of those times.  Our great friends at Processing Methods Bootcamp took their innovative approach to coffee processing and collaborated with Cuyanauzul Estate  Coffee Farms to apply some alternative processing methods to select micro-lots.

This particular Lot (204A) from  Finca El Mercurio, one of 4 farms on the Estate, was fermented for 48 hrs anaerobically prior to natural drying. As  a result of this process (and because of the initial high quality of the coffee), we are cupping complex notes of sugar plum, raisins & cocoa with a lingering sticky sweetness. An awesome coffee to enjoy as espresso or filter.

**As an interesting side note….Cuyanauzul is the Mayan word for ‘snake of fire’, a reference to the lava that once poured from the volcanoes surrounding the Estate**


Farm: Finca El Mercurio (Farmer: Jose Guillen)

Region: Canton Ceiba Arriba, Municipio de Concepcion de Ataco, Departmento de Ahuachapan

Range: Codillera Apaneca Ilamatepec

Crop Season: November to February

Variety: 100% Bourbon

MASL: 1200-1250

Crop Year: 2020/21

Process: Natural process with 48 hour anaerobic fermentation











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