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Ethiopia Sidamo Oromia

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The lush growing region of Sidamo (also known as Sidama), lies in the famous Great Rift Valley that runs its way down through Ethiopia and Kenya. Heirloom hand picked cherries from this region are often pooled by farmers at co-ops, the resulting coffee yielding a wide and complex range of flavours.

We are light to medium  roasting and finding a cup which is rich in black tea notes, lemon acidity, hints of floral with a sweet finish.  This is a versatile coffee which will hold its own across a range of brewing applications including espresso, with milk and especially as a filter.

Varietal: Local Ethiopian Cultivars (Heirloom)

Crop Year: 2016

MASL: 1400 – 2200

Process: Hand picked, fully washed, sun dried

Cupping Score: 85.25

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