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Harvested from Finca Parritilla in the highly prized Tarrazu region, this coffee has been grown and processed by William Mora Merno who is a
member of the ASOPROAAA Cooperative.  Finca Parritilla was purchased by the Mernofamily 35 years ago and is named after the town in which it is located.

Originally the farm was planted with other crops however today, coffee production accounts for 80 percent of the 20 hectare
farm. Great care is taken to continually improve the quality of the coffee grown at Finca Parritilla, and the farm also employs sustainable production
methods to improve soil recuperation and flora and fauna conservation.
The Tarrazu area is a sanctuary of native flora and fauna and produces some of the best coffee in Costa Rica. The region is characterised by two
well-defined seasons; a wet season lasting seven months from May to November, and a dry season lasting from December to April. These conditions
favour the blossoming of coffee. The cultivation of coffee is fundamental to the socio-economic growth of the region, and producers dedicate their
lives to the plantations they nurture.
The Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Acosta y Aserri (ASOPROAAA) Cooperative was born as a result of the devastating consequences
of Hurricane Mitch. After the storm wiped out the agricultural production systems of the Aserri and Acosta sub-regions, ASOPROAAA was formed
to help get coffee farmers back into production and promote sustainable production. Today, the coop represents more than 1000 smallholder farmers
and is recognised internationally as a quality coffee producer. This reputation has resulted in higher prices and financial stability for farmers. The
coop has built a wet mill to increase production volume and improve quality, and regularly host intensive training events for member families. The
coop won the Costa Rica COE competition in 2007, and has been the recipient of various awards in recent years.

Region: Parritilla, Aserri (Tarrazu)

Variety: Caturra

MASL: 1500 – 1700

Crop Year: 2020

Process: Honey

Notes:  Floral jasmine, blackberry acidity, toffee and vanilla. Best served as black coffee.










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