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Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu

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Located in the lush green hills of Tarrazu in the tranquil town of Santa Maria de Dota, the Coopedota cooperative operates as an important economic and cultural resource for the town’s tight-knit community. Coffee producers created the cooperative in 1960 to help with financing, coffee processing and exportation. Since then, Coopedota has evolved into a model cooperative of more than 800 members. Most cherries are dropped off at the main entrance and processed together as a whole but off to the side there is a small entrance for producers in the microlot program. These producers have consistently produced the highest quality coffees year-after-year. Each microlot is processed separately with great care and full traceability. They are then cupped and sold based upon their quality. As part of this program, the producer receives a price premium as an incentive to continue producing excellent quality coffee.
We are cupping lemon and peach acidity with a silky body and caramel finish. Especially enjoyable as an espresso where you will appreciate how smooth this coffee is.

Region: Santa Marta de Dota

Variety: Caturra / Cataui

Crop Year: 2018/19

MASL: 1550 – 1800

Process: Hand picked, fully washed, sun dried

Cupping Score: 83

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