Colombia Marleny Olaya El Basero

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Produced by Marleny Olyaya at Finca El Basero, a strict and rigorous technique was utilized to process the cherries.
Firstly they were selectively hand picked ensuring only the ripest fruit was used. Secondly they were exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation for 30 hours.
Following this the cherries were pulped and shadow dried on parabolic drying beds until they reached their ideal moisture content.

We are cupping a smooth coffee with hints of melon & cocoa upfront and lingering cocoa butter.

Region: Colombia,  Planadas, Tolima Department

Variety: Caturra 100%

MASL: 1800 – 1850

Crop Year: 2020/21

Process: dry anaerobic ferment 30 Hrs / pulped / shadow dried raised beds

Notes:  Melon, Citrus & Cocoa butter











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