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Brazil Jaguara

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The Jaguara farm began in 2001 when Antonio Wander, an agronomist and researcher along with two agronomist and researcher friends decided to plant coffee for the first time in the region of Campo das Vertentes / Sao Joao Del Rei. They believed that the micro climate in the region was perfect for growing coffee, with mild temperatures, good altitude and slightly flatter terrain when compared to the South of Minas Gerais.

In 2019 the farm participated for the first time in the Cup of Excellence contest with one of their micro batches (that had been processed using fermentation) ranking as the 5th best coffee in Brazil with a score of 90.47 points.

Today, the farm is owned and run by Antonio’s Son, Andre Luiz Garcia and his wife Natalia Moreira. They are both experienced coffee professional and employ sustainable practices making the most out of the natural resources and ensuring that the wider community benefits from secure jobs. The family farm is good hands with their son, Benicio Brito Garcia (2 years old) actively involving himself in all things farming.

Along with two other Australian based roasters, we directly imported this coffee and we are hoping it will be in our line up for the foreseeable future.

Region: Campo das Vertentes / Sao Joao Del Rei

Variety: Arara (Yellow)

MASL: 960 – 1040

Crop Year: 2022

Farm size: 90 hectares with 72 hectares currently planted

Annual production: 2,100 bags

Process: Natural (Mechanized and hand picking)

Brew Guides & Tasting Notes


We are getting great results with 21 grams DOSE / 40 grams YIELD in around 28-30 seconds. We are tasting bitter sweet chocolate, roasted almonds & dried fruits


Try 21.0 grams DOSE / 35 grams YIELD in around 28-30 seconds. On full cream Norco CAPO milk we are tasting milk chocolate, almond praline & dried fruits











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