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Everaldo is a typical traditional coffee producer from Brazil, not a big fan of technology but passionate about coffee. He has 3 children, Marlon, 15, Everaldinho, 22 and Ewerton, 21 and they are all involved in the coffee production, making their father proud.

His farm is named Sitio Morro Alto and is located at the border between Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais States in the  region of Caparao.  His children help to take care of the 45.000 coffee trees and they divide the responsibilities and share the production results with him.

The entire family are excited about the specialty coffee world. They love the opportunity to be involved in the improvement of the coffee quality by re-building structures and applying new ideas during post-harvest. Each son is responsible for 5 to 10 thousands coffee trees.

Everaldo is the second generation of coffee producer in the family. Originally the quality was not very important, not like to where they are producing high quality coffee and spreading their history and coffee to the world.

Region: Serra do Caparao

Variety: Catuai

MASL: 1250

Crop Year: 2020

Process: Pulped Natural

Notes:  Sweet stone fruit & tropical notes, creamy body with a winey finish. We think it’s best enjoyed black however it will still be great in milk based coffees.











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