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Sebastiana de Oliveira Faria, better known as Lelena was born in 1947 in the region of Espera Feliz, South of Minas Gerais. Her coffee journey started at the tender age of 9, when her father got injured and was no longer able to work in the fields. This was back at a time when the coffee industry lacked structure and the precision we are so familiar with today. Coffee was picked by hand, placed in a hamper and then transported by donkey or ox cart to the drying patio near the house.

Today the coffee process on Lelena’s farm is a little different, and at 71 she’s mastered a few techniques to get the best out of her coffee, Her grandchildren and children all work on the farm tending to 16 thousand trees at 1160 MASL. Although the coffee is still hand picked, the drying structures are greenhouses, stone patios and African raised beds. A pulper was installed in 2015 and most of the coffee is pulped natural. Harvest begins during the cold Winter days and extends until the Spring breezes arrive at the end of October. During harvest she gets up early and by 6am is already in the field watching over the lots that are ripe for picking. Since 2013 Lelena has started to cement her position in Regional competition and in 2018 she was the champion for quality in the State of Minas Gerais.

Asked about the secret to the production of Specialty Coffee Lelena says that love and affection are an essential ingredient.


Region: Sitio Moinho Grande Estate,  Sao Domingos – Serra do Caparao

Variety: Catuai

MASL: 1160

Crop Year: 2020/21

Process: Pulped Natural

Notes:  Grapefruit, spicy clove, sweet malt finish











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