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Honduras Carlos Humberto Reyes Microlot

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Carlos Humberto Reyes has been producing coffee using traditional wet mill processes since 2003. Located in the department of Intibuca, his 10 hectare farm is larger than the  average farm in Honduras which tends to be around 2 hectares. Intibuca is the most mountainous district of Honduras and lies on the Western border which is shared with El Salvador. The fertile land and perfect climate combine to form an exceptional coffee growing region. Our cupping of this coffee has reveled a great mouthfeel, fruity black tea, sweet caramel and toffee notes. We strongly recommend it as an espresso or filter.

Region: Intibuca

Variety: Catuai & Ihcafe90

Crop Year: 2016/17

MASL: 1510

Process: Hand picked, fully washed with a 7-10 day patio sun dry

Cupping Score: 83

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