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Colombia La Noria – Microlot

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In the mountains to the North of the Tolima region, in the heart of Colombia, from volcanic soils bathed by the pristine waters that descend from the snowy Cordillera, grows this distinctive estate microlot coffee. George Ernesto Diaz and his family select and hand pick only the finest beans, which are then subject to a labour intensive and carefully monitored quality control process to produce a coffee of outstanding character.

The entire production pays respect to the fertile land and incorporates environmentally friendly practices, as demonstrated by the RFA Certification on this coffee. In recognition of the amount of effort that goes into producing this exceptional coffee, we are light roasting to allow the inherent flavours to shine through.

Suitable for filter and espresso applications, you should find pronounced sweetness up front with a balanced citrus acidity, buttery body and finishing off with cocoa and caramel notes.

Varietal: Castillo and Caturra

Crop Year: 2016/17

MASL: 1200-1600

Process: Hand picked, fully washed, sun dried

Certificates: RFA (Rain Forest Alliance)

Cupping Score: 87.8

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