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Rwanda Gatare

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Situated in the Macuba Sector of Western Rwanda, the Gatare Coffee Washing Station has been running since 2012. The equatorial climate enjoys heavy and abundant rains of over 1500mm from February to April and between September and November. Cherry harvesting generally occurs from February to late May each year.  The station employs a wet production process with 6 fermentation tanks, two soaking tanks and 100 drying tables. 

In the cup we are tasting zesty green apple, black tea and syrupy toffee. As the coffee ages the toffee notes will become more pronounced (try this coffee at 3-4 weeks post roast)

Variety: Red Bourbon

Region: Nyamasheke District

Crop Year: 2016/17

Process: Hand picked, fully washed, sun dried on raised beds

MASL: 1800 to 2000

Cupping Score: 86.25







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